We’ve compiled some of the best videos and pictures of Winter Storm Grayson hitting Virginia Beach!

While Virginia Beach was spared a direct hit from the nor’easter Winter Storm Grayson because the storm’s center stayed just off the coast, the area was still rocked by tropical storm-strength winds and 6-10 inches of snow.

A declared state of emergency hasn’t seemed to stop citizens and reporters alike from braving the storm to capture some amazing shots of the blizzard.

Here are some of the best pictures and videos taken during and after the snow storm hit Virginia Beach.

That is the Virginia Beach boardwalk. Look a those trees getting battered by the wind. Absolutely crazy.

Virginia Beach is not supposed to get this much snow. Good on them for putting their windshield wipers up, though.

Real question: what would be needed to pull a vehicle this size out of the snow bank, and who will plow the road to get that tow truck in? Answer in the comment section below.

Never mind. The answer is a lifted pickup truck …

This next one was taken in Norfolk. Technically now Virginia Beach, but I think a video of an otter playing in the snow is definitely worthy of an exception. #SnowOtteristheCutest

It wouldn’t be a snowstorm without the obligatory picture of snow-covered patio furniture. But if you look closely, you’ll see what she’s talking about in the back of the yard. Winter Storm Grayson just busted through their fence.

I like this video just because you don’t often get to see the beach around here covered in snow.

I’ll give this photograph an A for effort.

It’s dumping snow ,and this guy’s out jogging against traffic. Absolutely insane. And I’m honestly not too sure what to say about his snow jogging outfit either …

These dogs are LOVING the snow.

This next Virginia Beach dog, however, isn’t as convinced. Hard to really blame him. He’s never seen this much snow before …

And this little papillon looks terrified.

And this Virginia Beach Husky has been waiting his entire life for Winter Storm Grayson to come.

Love this picture.

And this last one really sums it all up …

Tell us your Virginia Beach snow day story in the comment section below!

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