For the first time since 2014, Dulles Toll Road rates could increase by $.75 at the mainline plaza and $.50 at the exit ramps, with more increases expected in the coming years. 

A vote authorizing the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to proceed with the increase for Dulles Toll Road rates is set for June 20, and board action on the final increases would occur in mid-October. Under the plan, tolls would increase to $3.25 at the main plaza and $1.50 at exit ramps, totaling $4.75 overall. Increases would continue in the years ahead, with a $6 toll from 2023 through 2027, $7.25 from 2028 through 2032, $8.75 from 2033 through 2037, and $10 from 2038 through 2042.

Dulles Toll Road rates

Courtesy Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

For the past four years, drivers have paid $2.50 at the mainline plaza and $1 at exit ramps, totaling $3.50. Officials say the Dulles Toll Road rates have to be increased to prevent toll revenue from falling below the minimum required to cover debt service costs. Tolls are expected to fund about $2.8 billion of the $5.7 billion cost of the Silver Line project, including both the first phase that opened in 2014 and the second phase that is now expected to open by 2020.

Who will be affected by these elevated Dulles Toll Road rates? About 59 percent of trips are taken by drivers who use a toll road ramp and pass through the mainline plaza. About 20 percent of trips use two ramps without the mainline plaza. Nine percent of trips take a single ramp, and more than 11 percent pass through the mainline toll plaza on a trip that uses the Dulles Greenway.

Toll increases could be implemented as early as January 2019.

Will you be ponying up the extra cash on the Dulles Toll Road or taking an alternate route? Do all your bellyaching in the comments below!

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