To the dismay of politicians but the delight of Facebook users, the internet just learned that Virginia attorney Stephanie Morales can rap.

Many upstanding professionals have hobbies outside their work for city government. When it comes to city professionals, there’s no one more upstanding than Portsmouth’s top prosecutor and Virginia Commonwealth Attorney. Her name is Stephanie Morales, and apparently, she has a hidden talent for rap music.

Morales starred in a video for a rap song called “Booty Poppin'” released to Youtube on Tuesday, September 18. Her 14-year-old son was the star of the video and, according to her, the key factor that convinced the Commonwealth Attorney to star in “Booty Poppin’/Sundress Season” on camera, to the surprise of the public and government officials.

Stephanie Morales said on Facebook that the video was the result of a bet between her husband and son. She said that her 14-year-old son, an aspiring music producer, lost the bet with his father, and thus had to produce an original song exclusively for his dad (Morales’ husband) to perform in a public video. Morales appeared alongside her husband, Luis Morales, in the video.

“I’m summer fine down to my thighs,” the Commonwealth Attorney raps. “My stride’s right. My abs tight. Let’s go for this, right.”

“Body match my intellect,” she added later in the song.

Morales said the song chronicles her family’s summer together and was an entertaining bonding experience as in the course of the video “the whole family jumped on the track.” She said her family had time to finish video production during this week’s citywide shutdowns from Hurricane Florence.

On Tuesday, September 18, city politicians and attorneys at the Portsmouth Judicial Center expressed their surprise at the top Portsmouth prosecutor’s public appearance in “Booty Poppin.”

In her public post on Facebook at 6:40 a.m. on September 17, Morales wrote:

“Story time: At the end of last school year our son, the producer lost a bet to his dad Luis Morales and had to give him one of his beats (that he was going to discard) and engineer a song for his dad. 😂 Fast forward, the WHOLE family jumped on the track. Our little music video chronicles some of our summer family fun together. The weather shutdown gave us time to finish the video and showcase our young fella’s work some. 🌊”

While city politicians were less than pleased, Morales’ Facebook friends were entertained and supportive of her adventure with her family.

“Love your family vibe. Love the video,” resident Calvin Alex Sutton wrote in a comment on Facebook replying to the video.

Another commenter, Yvette Whitehurst Perry, also lacked solidarity with Portsmouth politicians’ displeasure, “What a positive project!” Perry wrote. “Job well done by your son. He is our future. And y’all better work, lol.”

Most of the 128 comments on the video were in a similar vein. The video posted to Morales’ Facebook received 5.3K views. The Youtube video for “Sundress Season,” starring Commonwealth Attorney Morales, had received over 24K views as of Tuesday night.

So what do you think? Was Commonwealth Attorney Stephanie Morales’ video all in good fun, or do you think it was inappropriate? Let us know your reaction in the comments.

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