“Animal Inside Out” is an inspiring look at the beauty and complexity of bodies.

Brought to you by the creator of Body Worlds, “Animal Inside Out” is an inspiring look at the beauty and complexity of bodies. The exhibit is on display at Richmond’s Science Museum of Virginia until September 3.

Tickets range from $22.50 to $26.50 for non-museum members, while the cost to members is $5-10. The Science Museum also offers evening hours every Friday night from 5-8 p.m., where non-members can visit for only $10.

The exhibition features over 100 creatures, including giant squid, the nervous system of a cat, reindeer ovaries, a majestic cross-section of giraffe vertebrae, a larger-than-life giraffe, multiple sharks, and even, in the end, a human being. You can see a real human brain.

The animals, a display claims, were donated by science, and none were killed for the purpose of the exhibit. Every animal in the exhibit underwent a process called plastination, which permits delicate tissue to be preserved and rendered into a masterpiece of anatomical art.

Animal Inside Out fascinates even the passive observer, synthesizing art and science in a testament to the beauty and complexity of bodies. It will bring you to grips with your own mortality. It is, in every way, the beauty of creation on display, as you witness while coming within arm’s reach of the astounding web of capillaries that run beneath the fragile fabric of your own skin. And if you didn’t have “see a human brain” on your bucket list, it’s something you should add today.

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